Don’t Be Discouraged

How often do we look at a project and say “I’ll never be able to do that”?  I know I’ve said that plenty of times.  You know what, that’s the wrong attitude to have.  I’ve learned that the hard way.  Instead, I tell myself one day I WILL be able to make that.

We all learn at a different pace and it take dedication, time and patience.  Don’t be discouraged, don’t give up.  Put the project down and come back to it at a later time.   Hmm, is that how I got all those WIP’s?


Here are some of my learning/growing tips.

Join a non judgmental online crochet group, I know that sounds funny.  Anytime you have a group of women there will be some drama.  Look past all that and the 50 million rules and start posting your work.  You will know whether your work is good or not by the number of likes and comments.  People normally don’t like to hurt someones feelings and will just scroll on by.  Take that as sign that maybe something was not quite right and don’t be discouraged and try again.

If you can find a crochet group that actually meets that a plus.  Check your local craft stores, libraries, churches, Meetup, colleges and word of mouth to name a few.

Follow a few crochet blogs that you admire.  In the beginning I was following a bunch of blogs until I got it down to a couple that I check in on frequently.

ELK Studio Handcrafted Crochet Designs

KT and The Squid



Cre8tion Crochet

I’m a visual person so I not only look at their content I look at their website design.  It’s something about the colors and fonts that I like from each of their websites.  The creativity is across the board from simple to edgy.  Watching their websites evolve gives me the encouragement that I can do the same.  It’s not a race that needs finishing today.  I applaud the ladies who can hold the house down, crochet, write patterns, take pictures and blog.  That’s too much going on for me and I have a hard enough time staying on task.

English is hard enough so you can imagine crochet language.  Some writers are VERY detailed and some are not.  Find that one person who speaks the same crochet language as you do.  For example, I like the instructions to read ch3 and not 3ch.  Seeing that 3ch is like nails on a chalkboard, but it does not discourage me.

Always be humble when someone compliments your work.  No one likes a person who is always nasty when asking a question.  Even if your work is beautiful it will always be ugly to me because of your demeanor.    A smile and saying thank you goes a long way.

When all else fails, ask for help.

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Check out Newbie Crocheting for some more crocheting tips.   What other tips or tricks can you offer to someone who needs a little push in the comments.

Happy Hooking!

Sweet Baby Blanket

The Sweet Baby Blanket is a wonderful welcome home keepsake for a newborn.  Nothing says welcome home than a brand new baby blanket.  This Sweet Baby Blanket is a beginner pattern and has a pattern repeat.  You will be done before you know it.

School is out, summer is finally here.  Feels like a heat wave is going on, but I won’t complain much about the weather.  In a few months I’ll be looking for some bright and sunny days, so I welcome HEAT, bring it on!

I really thought I would ease up on crocheting during the summer and focus on sewing. Crocheting reigns supreme still.   Instead of buying new yarn I’m using what I have in my stash for a bit.  With many colors of a few skeins here and there the perfect things to make are baby items, loveys, and more hats.

I wanted to see what I could design with a pound of yarn.  What fell off my hook was the Sweet Baby Blanket.  I love doing repeat patterns with a few stitches.

Sweet Baby Blanket

The doll belonged to my son who is now 23 26 and he was the perfect little model.

Sweet Baby Blanket

Skill Level – Easy


  • Caron One Pound Baby Yarn 454g/16oz per ball

*If you don’t want to use this yarn you can use any worsted weight #4

  • Size H/5.00mm hook
  • Scissors
  • Weaving needle


ch – chain

dc – double crochet ·

sk – skip


Ch3 counts as a stitch

Gauge is not important


Chain 127

Row 1: DC in 4th ch from hook (counts as DC) and in the next 3 chs, *sk next 2 chs, (2DC, ch2, 2DC) in next ch, sk next 2 chs, DC in next 5 chs, repeat from * to end, turn.

Row 2: Ch3, DC in next 4 DC, *(2DC, ch2, 2DC) in next ch2 space, sk next 2 DC, DC in next 5 DC, repeat from * to end, turn.

Repeat Row 2 until desired length or 54 times.

Last Row: Finish off and weave ends.

My blanket measured 36X32

Sweet Baby Blanket

Hope you enjoyed this pattern as much as I did.  Happy Hooking.

The pattern is available on Ravelry

Criss Cross Dishcloth

Whew, it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged.  This pattern was written awhile back and I had every intentions on getting it posted.  But instead I carried it in my bag for months, smh.  Again, I like simplicity and this turned out to be a very quick dishcloth to make.

Now let’s get down to business and do some crocheting.  Depending on your speed it should take between 30-60 minutes.  You can knock this out while watching your favorite show.

Criss Cross Dishcloth


  • Hook “H”
  • Cotton Yarn (any color you want)
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry Needle

Stitches Used/Abbreviations

DC – double crochet

CCS – criss cross stitch – skip stitch, DC in next stitch, DC in skipped stitch

ST – stitch

CH – chain

Special Instructions

  • Ch3 counts as stitch throughout the pattern
  • If you are using more than one color, change color in turning chain



    1. DC in 4th ch from hook, DC in each ch across, turn. (28)
    1. Ch3, *skip DC, DC in next DC, DC in skipped DC (this is your CCS), *repeat from*, DC in turning chain, turn. (13CCS, 2DC)
    1. Ch3, DC in each st across, turn.
    1. Repeat Row 2
    1. Repeat Row 3
    1. Repeat Row 2
    1. Repeat Row 3
    1. Repeat Row 2
    1. Repeat Row 3
    1. Repeat Row 2
    1. Repeat Row 3
    1. Repeat Row 2
  1. Repeat Row 3

Finish off and weave ends.

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